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Harrier Multiport MAC Chosen for Robust QoS, Dynamic Memory Management, Intelligent Oversubscription and Assured Delivery of High Priority Traffic

FREMONT, CA | October 20, 2021  Ample Communications, a leading provider of highly efficient silicon for wire line communications systems, today announced CIENA® Corp. has selected its Harrier Multiport MAC silicon to support Gigabit Ethernet capabilities, including Intelligent Oversubscription and quality-of-service (QoS), on its DN 7000 family of multiservice edge switching solutions.

As CIENA's service provider customers evolve their edge networks to support IP/MPLS-based services and infrastructures with the DN 7000 series platform, the ability to aggregate customers over Gigabit Ethernet trunks provides a critical level of efficiency. Additionally, with the demand of corporate enterprise customers to connect their Ethernet services with traditional Frame Relay and ATM services, the Ample solution provided CIENA the ideal platform for Layer 2 VPNs and service interworking. Harrier provides this efficiency, packaged in a robust silicon implementation that includes QoS, dynamic memory management, Intelligent Oversubscription and assured delivery of high priority traffic.

Offering both line-rate and intelligently-oversubscribed line card options provides an added flexibility and efficiency for CIENA's customers. Ample Communications' Intelligent Oversubscription, incorporated into the Harrier device, optimizes existing network infrastructure by eliminating unused bandwidth at the media access control (MAC) layer to enable full utilization of shared hardware including the Network Processor Units (NPU) and switch fabrics. As these functions are shared across more ports on the network, built-in intelligence implemented through queuing and dynamic memory management insures that high priority traffic is not lost.

"Ample's significant breakthroughs in Ethernet engineering have resulted in a robust silicon solution that contributes to our multiservice edge switching portfolio strategy, reducing time-to-market and increasing design efficiency," said Mike Regan, vice president of engineering for CIENA's Data Networking Group. "The DN 7000 series products are designed to help service providers profitably manage and grow their existing services while evolving to both new services and network architectures."

"Our focus on design efficiency meshes with CIENA's strategy for providing its customer base with highly efficient Ethernet and multiservice solutions," said Marek Tlalka, vice president of marketing for Ample Communications. "Today's economics, combined with new user expectations for advanced services at lower costs per port, point toward intelligent oversubscription as a mainstream approach to efficient network design."

About CIENA's DN 7000 Series Family
CIENA's DN 7000 series of multiservice edge switches is the industry's first product line that combines ATM, Frame Relay, Circuit Emulation Services (CES), Ethernet, and IP/MPLS while delivering telephony-grade reliability. The DN 7000 family increases service capacity at a lower cost and allows carriers to cap their legacy investments without disrupting services or overhauling the network.

The DN 7000 series' market-leading virtual circuit and port densities enable more efficient use of existing service provider infrastructure, resulting in recurring cost savings as expanded service offerings are rolled out to customers. Additionally, the DN 7000 series' compact footprint, low power consumption and extensive OSS integration experience, significantly reduce overall network operations costs compared to legacy solutions.

CIENA Corporation delivers innovative network solutions to the world's largest service providers, cable operators and enterprises, increasing the cost-efficiency of current services while enabling the creation of new carrier-class data services built upon the existing network infrastructure. Additional information about CIENA can be found at

About Ample Communications
Ample Communications is a privately held, fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Fremont, Calif., providing advanced chip-level technologies to enterprise and metropolitan-area network equipment developers.

Founded in 2000, and with revenue shipments underway since 2001, Ample Communications has established itself as a reliable private supplier of high-speed, high-density merchant silicon for communications, network and computer equipment applications. The Company's technology is demonstrated by wide customer acceptance at Tier 1 and Tier 2 OEMs , and has resulted in more than 40 design wins for its 10 Megabit- to 40 Gigabit-per-second SONET and Ethernet silicon. For more information, visit

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